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Making Art from TV & Movies

Sometimes I get into ruts and find myself in a passive state where I can’t motivate myself to make anything! In times like these it feels like Netflix is the only thing I can muster.

I recognize that this is when I am in a state of consumption.

Consuming movies, books, music, podcasts.

It's a place of passivity, where I am taking things in and putting little out.

I love being swept away by stories and ideas, but what I find is that if the scales tip to far into this place of passive consuming it becomes that much harder for me to tip the scales back towards creating and making.

It feels like I am always seeking a delicate balance between consuming & creating.... ⚖️

Over the years I have cultivated a super simple low stakes way to create more balance!

I call it a creative response...

Here is how it works....

  1. Consume whatever interests you (such as a movie, tv show, book, podcast etc.)

  2. When it’s over pause and consider what stood out for you? Was it a big idea, a specific scene or detail, an emotional resonance, a memory it unearthed… anything! Even things you didn’t enjoy usually have some moment or detail of intrigue.

  3. Now ask yourself how can I bring this idea/detail into my chosen medium (paint, words, textiles, movement etc.) You might not know the answer… yet! That’s ok.

  4. Set a timer for 10 minutes (or however long you like). Now create your response! Make something that feels connected to or begins with the big idea you were left with. You might immediately depart from the idea. That’s ok, it’s just a starting place. Create for as long as you planned using this idea/detail as a starting place.

  5. When you are done title your piece and perhaps name the source material. Now ask yourself is this asking for more time or energy? If not, then you are done. If so make a plan.😊

The benefits of this process are:

  • You keep creating in a low stakes way.

  • You are creating a balance between consuming and creating.

  • You have a library of ideas and inspiration to go back to in times when you are feeling stuck.

  • Your creative confidence builds with taking small actions.

  • You can try out new ideas, mediums, etc in a safe tiny way.

  • You become a cool super cool badass cultural pioneer, responding to the offerings of the world!

Here are a few of my recent creative responses lately...

Dune 2 (movie)


Explored the ideas of sight and perspective here. How one finds it and when it is needed.

Oppenheimer (movie)


Explored the ideas of confinement & control (or rather a lack there of...)

Invincible (tv show)


Explored the idea of trying to be a light in the long shadow or your parents, as well as breaking cycles.

I hope you will give this a try if your scales need an extra nudge in a certain direction!



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