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About Me:


Thank you for coming to visit Workshop Muse! My name is Rachel Rose and I am a mother, partner, artist, educator and therapist (in training!) living in Calgary, Alberta. Over the years my passions and interests have taken me from the ivory tower of university life where I pursued a Masters in Adult Education, to remote indigenous communities in Canada, from working in hospitals and non-profits, to formal training in the therapeutic arts as well as informal training on my meditation cushion on the floor. All the while I have been supporting people on their quest to living life more joyfully, while also finding my own.

I am someone who has experienced my own share of challenges and struggles in life anxiety, divorce, and mindfully parenting my 10 and 4 year old boys and my one year old baby girl, all while pursuing a career have all taught me many lessons. My path through the dark patches of my own personal life was lit up with creativity, mindfulness, exploring the outdoors and being brave in relationship. I believe that it is because of my own personal challenges and growths that I am able to hold a compassionate and empathic space for others.   

Throughout my travels and experiences I have learned that we only really find peace and connection when we get messy in the trenches of life, doing and making things, not standing on the sidelines lost in our minds. Whether it's stress and anxiety, parenting, relationships, or our day-to-day lives, the challenges of living in this modern age require us to stop looking at our screens, stop seeking experts selling us quick fixes, and instead get messy and inspired in order to find our own solutions. My hope is that Workshop Muse can play a little part in that. 

What to Expect at Workshop Muse:

Each activity, video, tip, story or course will have you engaging, doing, making and creating! Workshop Muse creates reflective activities for you that utilize creativity, mindfulness, and experience. You will find that some activities will use more of one than the other depending on the topic, but at the core, each activity is designed to help you reflect through action. Below you will find a brief description of what each branch of reflection entails:


The creativity you find here isn't about making something beautiful to hang on your wall (although you might want to!) It is about engaging our creative minds to help us learn more about ourselves and create solutions to our challenges. Don't worry, even if you don't think of yourself as a "creative person" you will be able to take part, and may even find that you surprise yourself. Some of the creative activities you will find here will involve either making or reflecting on visual art, music, story, writing, metaphor, movies, or movement. Each activity is meant to focus on the process of creation and what we learn from it, not the product. So don't worry, jump in and see what engaging your creative mind might reveal to you!


Mindfulness is essentially a practice, and way of being in this world. It isn't about religion or spirituality (although you can find it in some form of practice in virtually all faiths!) Mindfulness is basically noticing- noticing our thoughts, emotions, and sensations. This may sound simple, but the practice of actually checking in and paying attention to our inner worlds and ourselves can be powerful. The mindfulness tools and techniques at the core of Workshop Muse will help you to begin to cultivate a new relationship with yourself, your struggles, and your goals in life.  


Most of us can recall times in our life where we have felt information overload! Sitting in a class, a meeting, or even reading a self-help book. Sometimes we spend all of our time talking about something and thinking about it and forget to actually do it! Experiencing and doing is at the core of Workshop Muse. Here you will find simple activities you can do in the moment right where you are as well as larger more structured activities to build into your life that will help you to start experiencing things in a new way rather than sitting back and being lost in the same old thoughts. 

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