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5 Minute Mindful Art Activities 

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Learn to cultivate a mindful art journaling practice! This unique art journaling course is different than typical art journaling, here you will learn to fuse mindfulness, visual art, and creative writing into a simple daily practice. Experience the immediate mental health benefits of a daily creative practice, while creating the skills you need for a long-term approach to addressing the complexities of life. This course will provide you with everything you need to know to cultivate a home practice and give you the chance to see it in action!

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Imagine..... things get hard, you feel confused, you don't know what direction to go? Instead of spinning into stress and anxiety you have a word, an intention artfully displayed in your home that reminds you of all your strength and hope for this year! Create an artful one word intention for 2019. Watch the 17 minute video, check out the Pintrest page for more inspiration, and then share your word or image in the Facebook Group!

Watch the full session of my contribution to Sketchbook Revival 2019!


Mindful Inspirations: A Thumbnail Sketch


Tap into a well of inspiration through a mindful exploration of your surroundings. This exercise will have you start small by cultivating presence in your surroundings, and finish big in the expanse of your imaginations!

A quick 20 minute video guiding you through a process to make Self Care Intention Cards. This creative project will have you make cards filled with your creativity, thoughts, and reminders to help you when you are in need of a little self care. Watch the video, check out the Pintrest board for added inspiration, and then share your cards and ideas in the Facebook Group!

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