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Expressions of Stillness 

In celebration of the March 7th, 2023 release of the book

“Creating Stillness: Mindful Art Stories & Practices for Anxiety, Stress & Fear”

creatives we asked to reflect and express on how they create stillness in their own lives. 


The following images, writings, videos and expression's capture each creators unique interpretation of what stillness feels like, means, and is found in their own unique lives.

We invite you to slowly scroll through the gallery savouring each unique perspective.

You are then invited to respond to this collection in the comment section below through words or poetry deepening the process beyond...


By: Vishwaveda Joshi

In Nature I Find Myself 

By: Priyanka Kaushal

What I Wish I Had Known About Social Work

By: Renita Ray, Clinical Social Worker

Share your own creative response, thoughts or general impressions below!
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