When you are feeling uninspired, stuck, unsure or overwhelmed, the inspiration library is a supportive hand to help you through this and get you creating with intention and meaning.


Think of the inspiration library as a place to help you live a creative life with presence your own way, at your own pace, all with a gentle guidance.


Inside the library you will find everything you need to get creating, reflecting, exploring yourself, managing your emotions and expanding your creative expression. Get direct access to Rachel, join a community of creative souls & dive into your own needs and inspirations with support.

Take a Peek Inside...

Create Stillness, Presence, & Insight Through

Art Journaling, Drawing, Expressive Writing,

Paper Sculpture, Artful Installations, Poetry, Doodling, Nature Art, Mark Making,

Symbolic Objects, Mixed Media, Collage, Sketching

& Invitations for so much more!

A Small Sample of Some of the Courses...
Students are Saying...

"The activities can be revisited again and again. A great resource for inspiration"


"As a trained artist it was difficult to step away from perfection but your lessons were just what I needed to help myself heal. Creative mindfulness was such an impact that it changed the way I create in my professional practice. But more importantly, it was an instrumental tool in healing & self-care."


"Rachel's beautifully open and sincere approach helped me to feel comfortable immediately, and the lessons have renewed my belief in my own ability to create intuitively and mindfully. There's something about Rachel's soothing voice and earnest personality that encouraged me to leave self-criticism behind and be courageous enough to try new things."

"I found that your mindfulness and process orientation to the creative act

adds so much depth and meaning to my work that it encourages me to

keep creating."   

"I have a much deeper understanding of how I can use art for self care and why it's so important to me keep going making art." 

 "I really enjoyed Rachel's lessons. It was really good therapy for me to get over my creative block and to cage the inner critic."

Coming Soon
July & August
September 2020- February 2021
How Does it Work?

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