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This unique art journaling course is different than typical art journaling, here you will learn to fuse mindfulness, visual art, and creative writing into a simple daily practice. Experience the immediate mental health benefits of a daily creative practice, while creating the skills you need for a long-term approach to addressing the complexities of life. This course will provide you with everything you need to know to cultivate a home practice and give you the chance to see it in action!

You will also receive 3 bonus lessons as part of this course to help you go even deeper and be more successful. 

What is the significance of a single blade of grass, the space between the stars, or the cup sitting in front of you?

Artist Diana Dunkley believes “there is a soul in everything - from humans to stones to stardust” she is embarking on an ambitious creative project to encourage as many people and things as possible to reflect on the idea of what ‘respect among all things’ means to you, looks like in your life and the ways that it manifests from within. Facilitated by Rachel Rose from Workshop Muse, Diana and Rachel invite you to join them for an online session of meditation, creation and discussion which will ask you to probe deeper on what, and who you value and the many manifestations of reciprocity in the world.

This is a replay of a free live event that took place August 27, 2022. 

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