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Follow Along As I Resurrect My Art

During the month of October I will be joining hundreds of others as we "Resurrect Our Art." Watch as I share my thoughts, progress, and reflections week-by-week and breathe new life into an old forgotten project that was cast aside.

This little fish creation has been abandoned since September 2017. Two long years stuffed away accumulating dust. I had a big idea, I played, I made some progress but in the end I couldn't make it work. So I walked away. Now 2 years later I am bringing this fish back to life!

Follow my thoughts below...

As I move towards October I am reflecting on my practice and this little fish by journaling and getting clear on my intentions.

September 28, 2019

Over the month of October, I intend to resurrect a painting of fish I began as a creative response to the word “irrelevant.” I had been meditating on the demise of sockeye salmon and the lack of voice they have, how they are perceived to be “irrelevant.”

Being creative is important to me because it’s how I feel most alive. It’s helps me make sense of the world, relax, heal. It’s essential to my wellbeing.

Knowing this about me and my creativity, as I resurrect my art, I want to remember that even if my fish decide to become something else or aren’t finished in the end that I will have still created and that makes me whole. My idea of the fish isn’t dead even if the piece stays that way.

I will dedicate the following time to creating this week at least two evenings after my children have gone to bed.

I am going to tell my husband that I am dedicating this time to this project so that they can support and encourage me when my energy wanes.

October 1, 2019

Think back to when you let this inspiration go. What is the story you have told yourself about why you let it die?

I really believed that this piece just wasn’t working. I couldn’t bring together all the components that I had. I wanted to have the sockeye salmon and this oil slick. I wanted them to be in this disconnected from some natural items like the stick and the homemade paper. I went so big, I made homemade paper with natural materials I found and really wanted to show this contrast of the unnatural and the natural and the fish stuck in the middle. In the end I couldn’t make it work so I walked away. I could feel it fading for quite some time.

Is it possible this isn’t true? What might be another story be about why it died?

Interestingly enough when I looked back at the last image, I posted on Instagram of it, I just so happened to have gotten pregnant around that time. I really found in this last pregnancy that I had very little creative energy. Once my baby was born, I could feel it coming back. When I think about this now, I can see that it might have just been that my energy was needed somewhere else that was pretty important. Maybe it wasn’t that I couldn’t bring all the pieces together but rather I only had a fini