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Momentary Self Portrait

Join in and create a messy, playful, and expressive self portrait in under 10 minutes!

Self growth begins with self awareness! This process is meant to help you let go of old ideas and begin exploring some new sides to yourself with no pressure.

This is the first step in a month long process aimed at helping to expand, grow, and evolve your understanding of yourself and get to know each other a bit more. Watch the short video here for full instructions and to see a glimpse of my own process or simply follow along with the steps below.

At the end please share back with the Workshop Muse Facebook group a part of your product, an insight, or any other questions or reflections you have.

Join the Facebook group here!

Stay tuned the following 3 Monday's for the next step in the self reflection journey!!

Momentary Self Portrait Instructions

  1. Grab a piece of paper, pen or pencil and a mirror.

  2. Look at yourself in the mirror and begin by placing your pencil on the paper and drawing a continuous line. Don't pick up your pencil and try not to look at the paper! In the end you will have a single continuous line Self portrait.

  3. Add colour using water colour so, crayons, pencils crayons pastels or whatever you have on hand.

  4. If you like go back over the lines with black marker for more contrast.

  5. Use one of the following prompts to write on the background of your page. Don't worry about perfection or saying the right thing, just start with the prompt and see where it takes you.

- I am the beautiful messy part of you that.... - When I let go... - I celebrate.... - This man/woman is...

  1. Look back at your writing and portrait and give the piece a title.

  2. If you like, repeat this process and see how different each portrait is. As you write

notice how the portrait changes your reflections.

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