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My name is Rachel and I am the face behind Workshop Muse!


I am an Expressive Arts Educator, Artist. & Writer teaching people how use creativity for self care, awareness, and wellness.


At Workshop Muse you will find videos, courses, and inspiration for how you can use your art to go deeper. Here we don't just make beautiful things, we make things with meaning and create as a radical act of being alive. Learn how to use your creative process as a tool for practicing mindfulness and learn more about your emotions and well being. 

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Receive all my best inspiration and support! 
 A few times a month I share deep, thoughtful musings to keep you keep digging deeper in art & life. 

I am putting together a range of supports for helping you to manage your anxiety and feelings through art. I am hoping to create a range of supports some free and some paid coming in 2020.


Let me know if you are interested and I will keep you informed as things progress!

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November 19, 2018

I take 37 breaths each night before I fall asleep. One breath for each year I have been on this planet. I don’t know how long it takes me, some nights longer some shorter, but I do know that it never feels the same. 

The first breaths tend to be quick and tight and by the time I get into the 20’s I begin to find a rhythm only to abandon it in the 30’s where suddenly I am done. It never feels like enough. I always want more. 

I started this practice out of a deep concern I have around how I am managing stress. Specifically, I want to be aware of the stress that I carry in my body. It is deeply important to me that I recognize the tension, anxiety, and anger I feel each day and that I discharge it, or at the very least, be aware of it and tend to it. I know that my ability to care for myself is connected to my physical well being. 

Many years ago I read Gabor Mates “When the Body Says No” and it turned me onto a world inside my body that once was hidden away. I began to see that the little...

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