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Kites & Strings Podcast

What a pleasure it was to speak with these two incredible Art Therapists about my book. I really enjoyed the depths we were able to immediately go to about the creative process and what all those unfinished projects are about!

In this episode we talk with Rachel Rose, an expressive arts educator who authored the book, Creating Stillness: Mindful Art Practices and Stories for Navigating Anxiety, Stress and Fear, published by North Atlantic Books. We have a great discussion talking about what artmaking can do in the way of establishing mindfulness and to, well, navigate anxiety, fear and stress. We discuss Rachel's thoughtful and informative book, which is chock-full of meaningful, skillfully written stories used as touchpoints amongst valuable lessons in art. However, these lessons are not a how-to guide, as it is so much more about the process, preceded by recognizing and avoiding various obstacles and barriers that so often interfere and get in the way of our using creativity to overcome.


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