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I recommend that you get an art journal prepared for this course where you can freely write, doodle, play with color and make a mess! This will become your special place for playing exploring and showing up.

Each week please come with,

-  Your art journal.

-  Something to write with

-  A pencil and eraser

-  Your favorite color mediums (i.e., marker, pastels, paint etc.)

-  A few old magazines or collage materials

-  Glue stick and scissors 

Live gathering

Sundays from

May 7-June 25

from 9:30-10:00 Mountain.
Check your time zone here

Each week you can Join Zoom Meeting below:

Replays will be available with 24 hours after the live. You can find links on this page below.


Week 1: Safety

We begin with an introduction to the course as well as the process we will use throughout. Our exploration begins with the feeling of safety, how we can cultivate it, what we need and how it relates to our showing up. 

Week 2: The Observer

This week we focus our attention on the parts of ourselves that show up to our creative process and get to know the observer. Our practice evolves to include a technique that allows us to witness ourselves. 

Week 3: True Welcome

This week we build on the experiences fostering safety and observing everything that shows up for us by practice true welcome. We start to bring our own questions and wonderings into the process.

Week 4: Our Gremlins & Fear

At long last we tackle to questions of the challenging critical voices that show up in our creative practice and in life. This week we welcome them out, notice them and place them into the context of the many parts of ourselves. 

Week 5: Following Our Deepest Calls

We move into a more playful part of the process exploring how the creative process can help us listen deeply. This session is longer as we held space for a 30 minute Q & A afterwards. 

Week 6: Celebrating the Little Things

If this practice is about paying attention and being intentional with our focus, then what shall we focus on? Today we take our practice outwards and savour the little things. 

Week 7: Capturing Sparks of Ideas

This week we explore how find inspiration and play with the structure and the framework of the process. Gentle reminder if you would like to take more time to explore this process you are always welcome to pause the recording!

Week 8: Resilience

In our final week we explore the learnings we have shared and celebrate our capacity to stay with the process even when it has been challenging. 

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