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Remembering Me with Guest Teacher Tonia Jenny

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Create a sweet little house from air-dry clay as a reminder of who you really are and where you can always be at home.

The house is a symbol our mind and, our mind houses our entire existence. This clay project is meant to serve as a visual reminder that returning to peace, joy and grounded presence—essentially coming home to your true nature—is something you can remember anytime you choose.

Even amidst times of chaos and upheaval, you can remember (and come home to) who you are; you can relax your resistance and trust you are so incredibly stronger than your small self may be ac- knowledging.

What is it about “who you are” that I want you to remember? The ways in which you are eternally awesome! What do I mean specifically? That’s what we’re going to uncover together.

Each one of the little clay symbols you’ll hang from your house will represent a special aspect of your Self—a way in which you not only contribute more light to our world, but that by focusing your con- sciousness on, lifts your mind, body and spirit. And when you return Home, you bring all of us with you!

This course is 4 videos and approximately 1.5 hours long with a reflective exercise

Watch the Trailer 

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