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Make Art That Matters

During the summer of 2020 a group of students in the Inspiration Library began a two month process with the intention to "Make Art That Matters." Although each of us went through the same process each of us emerged with a different piece and our own meaning.

Not everyone who began finished and not everyone who finished chose to share their work publicly, but everyone who embarked on this process made their own strides towards meaning, insight and relationship through art. For many it was a wonderful escape during a time of quarantine providing a sense of flow and joy during a challenging time.

Explore the stories and images below, be sure to comment or follow each of the creators to show your support! If you would like to make your own art that matters this 4 step process including video lessons and handouts is currently available through the Inspiration Library.


I selected the poem “The Moment” by Margaret Atwood for my jumping-off point for the Make Art That Matters project. Key elements in the poem automatically triggered my ongoing frustration and anger with environmental issues, climate change, and the loss of wildlife. My intention for my project was to resolve and alter those uncomfortable feelings and move to a more positive and caring outlook toward nature, humanity, and the environment.