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Creative Self Care Quiz

Creative Self Care Quiz

Does your creative process support your self care?

Explore the questions below for insight into your

creative practice and how you can deepen it for self care.

Our creative practice should be a safe refuge. A place for us to show up, be vulnerable, messy, incomplete and learning. For many people sitting down to engage in the arts results in us feeling terrible, not worthy, not talented... all of the terrible self talk that leaves us feeling bad. How can you begin to create, shift or transform your creative practice into one that nourishes you? Take this simple quiz to explore more thoughtfully.

To begin spend a few moments recalling the last few times that you created. What happened in the process, what did you make, what meaning do these creations hold for you now? Now answer the following 10 questions with YES, NO or SOMETIMES and take note of each of your answers:


1. When I create I give myself permission to explore and play.

2. It's ok If I make something ugly or create something not great.

3. I can accept it when things don't go the way I planned in my creative practice.

4. I don't expect results or progress when I create just for myself.

5. I feel good after spending time creating.

6. I know that I can turn to my creative practice when I am experiencing big or hard emotions.

7. I often will play with around with other mediums, my expression knows no bounds!

8. I don't compare my creative work to others.

9. When my inner critic interjects I know what to do.

10. I know WHY I create and I remind myself of this when I get lost.


Look back at the answers where you said YES. These are areas where you likely have some awareness and compassion towards yourself. Take a moment and celebrate this self awareness. This likely didn't come easy for you. Let each of these answers signify a growing awareness and reminder that change is always possible.

Look back at the answers where you said NO. These are the areas of your creative practice that you may want to examine and reflect on more deeply. How can you offer yourself more compassion and caring in these areas? What would it look like to make a shift in these areas? What supports will you need? How would it feel to create and care for yourself in this way? What part of you is resistant? Consider taking one of these areas and playing around with how you could find time in your creative practice to experiment with it.

Look back at the answers where you said SOMETIMES. These are the areas where you have likely made shifts of changes in the past. Take a moment a reflect on what it feels like when this is a YES for you compared to a NO. Notice the feeling that lingers for you with each. You may be ready to make a shift and begin to carve out time in your creative practice for this sort of creative self care.

What now?

Ideally you have some ideas for areas you want to explore and shift. Give yourself permission to take one or two on and see how it feels to build and expand on it.

For ideas on HOW and WHAT this looks like sign up for the FREE COURSES at Workshop Muse. Learn to explore a Mindful Art Journaling or practice Creative Self Care in any of the 6 free courses in Create Yourself. Each of these courses are free and offer ideas for practicing creativity in a loving and compassionate way.

For additional SUPPORT join the Workshop Muse Facebook group where each of these topics in the self care quiz are being thoughtfully unpacked and worked in a safe and caring community.

Where ever you go in your practice next I hope that it will bring compassion and love to yourself and others. Follow some inspiration and be amazed...

All my best,



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