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The hidden messages in the art you love...

An important piece to the puzzle of living a life grounded in the present moment is knowing what our values are and working to live according to them. This is something we have heard many times before, and in fact many of us would just assume that we are doing this naturally. But as we cultivate a deeper relationship with our selves and begin to observe our feelings and emotions we may realize that there are patterns in our lives that are causing us to live in ways that don't align with our values and cause us stress and anxiety as a result. In my experience sitting down and just "thinking" about our values doesn't necessarily come easily to us or even reveal what they actually are. I believe that the art we love carries significant messages about who we are and what our values are, so I have created an activity to help you learn about your values inspired by the art you love!

If our emotions, feelings, and sensations are the waves in the sea consider our values to be the body of water you are sailing in. We can choose to sail in turbulent seas because thats what we have always done, or we can steer our ship to calmer waters. We can't stop the waves of our emotions, only change our relationship to them while trying to put ourselves in a calm and supportive environment. Reflecting more deeply on our values helps us to see the actions and choices we make from moment-to-moment and how they may, or may not, align with our values.

For example, many of us would say that we value our families but when we take an honest look we see that we spend lots of time working, lost in digital devices and other distractions leaving quality time with our