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Mixed media using paper, string, wood, dried reed, crayon, lace and pussy willow

I have had a long standing obsession with working with constraints. In many instances in my life I have revelled in the challenge of working with limited resources, tools, supports and time. Deep down I hold a value that we always have everything we need and that abundance in always available.

In my creative work I always encourage people to work with what they already have on hand or can scavenge. For me this keeps me from wandering into scarcity thinking, being locked in future state dreaming and really encouraging me to see that everything is always perfect no matter what.

This piece was created when I was away from home. I gathered a small bag of 8-9 remnants of materials I found in my supply closet and decided to work only with what was in this bag. As I sat down and explored each texture and object a number of simple flowers emerged. Each one a unique transformation of remnants otherwise forgotten. The flowers are mounted on found wood furthering this pieces commitment to working with what's there...


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