Stay In The Know:

The Space Between

When is the last time you actually did nothing?

Felt truly still and rested?

When you woke up in the morning and felt refreshed and full?

Experienced your body at ease in the sun?

Spent more than a fleeting moment looking out the window?

Sat and actually did nothing…. like actually nothing?

For many of us the answer to these questions is that it has been far too long and not frequent enough. It was my intention to take some time away from sharing emails and posting on social media this summer so that I could rest. I can’t say I was overly successful at all of this. But the little taste I felt of stillness here and there, has left me wanting more, knowing that it is essential to my wellbeing right now.

Today, I have a creative prompt for you made in the spirit of rest. I also have some exciting news for you about a new offering I have made for stress and anxiety called Creating Stillness.

Lately, I have been carving and shaving things down in my life. Trying to be intentional about making space for nothing and taking the pressure off of myself to “keep up.” I came across this quote the other day and it really resonated with me

“Science is starting to show the value of spending time in silence, in nature, and in not engaging in constant external stimulation. We need time doing ‘nothing’ to be our best selves: well-rounded and creative human beings. The ‘doing’ side of our nature needs a ‘being’ side to be in balance.”

- Sue Smalley, Ph.D.

The duality of “doing” and “being” is something I am continuously exploring in my life and creativity. I have so much to share with you about this, but I will sa