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The Distracting Hype

Their is a constant negotiation happening within me between my imagination and reality. I have been dreaming of ferns my whole life. They have come to symbolize my imagination, a non specific future state where things are magical and abundant. I created this piece after my summer wedding which was no where near my imagined reality.

I began by creating the fern as a symbol of the imagined ideal. What I have learned is that when I dwell in this imagined state I am missing out on reality, missing what is actually present and abundant. When I stay in the land of ferns I am resisting everything that is.

The topographical lines represent a growing insight around resistance. The topographical map is of a place I have been to many times and many times missed out on its beauty because I wished it was something else. I traced the lines of this mountain range from a local guide map. I tried to make the ranges as realistic as possible.

I know that my imagination can serve me so I want to honour the ferns of my life and their inspirational beauty but not at the expense of missing out of the landscapes and textures of now. So I hold the two together my imagination and reality hoping to find a balance and harmony with them both.

- Wood, Paper, String, Mixed Media Markings-


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