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Sometimes I lose myself in other people's opinions. I start to want to accommodate or fit to their shape. As I poured through other people's stories of who I should be, and how I should act, I found myself searching for some resilience. I wanted to take in the feedback and listen but also not lose my shape.

The image of moss came to me and it served as an anchor as I worked through this challenging time. Moss forms slowly over years, each thread integrated, giving it strength and a network of connections that keep its form. But moss is also able to receive the impact of a foot or a disruption and rebound to its form. It drinks up the environment around it taking what it needs and filtering the rest away, a give and take relationship to its surroundings.

I used raw wool, yarn, and a torn up pair of my sons old pants to create this weaving on embroidery hoops. To show lustre and beauty I hand dyed lace strips leftover from my grandmothers 90th birthday party. The materials and the form come together to remind me of my resilience and shape in times when I feel lost.


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