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One Week of Tiny Poetry: Creative Mindfulness to help you create from within

Practice Creative Mindfulness through short expressive poetry. Write one poem each day as a way to connect with yourself and the present moment...

Over in the Creativity, Art and Mindfulness Facebook group we have been creating with intention just a little bit each day as a community while we all practice social distancing in our various corners of the planet.

By practicing small Creative Mindfulness exercises each day we are building our muscle of intention. We are practicing showing up with presence in the here and now just a little bit each day. When we can do this in small ways, we are better able to do this in big ways in other parts of our lives.

What better use of our time than to show up and create in new ways?

One of my intentions is to help people open up to their creativity in the broadest sense. For people to expand the horizons of how they create and express. If you are someone comfortable in the visual arts my hope is that you can see how expressing yourself in other ways can feed your visual practice. When we take down the boxes of our expression we find that our creativity blossoms in new ways and we can go even deeper in our art!