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One Week of Photography & Creative Mindfulness

Practice Creative Mindfulness through the creation of simple photos. Take one photo each day as a way to connect with yourself and the present moment...

Over in the Creativity, Art and Mindfulness Facebook group we have been creating with intention just a little bit each day as a community while we practice social distancing in our various corners of the planet.

Last week we explored poetry and this week we are taking pictures. You can participate in the group, by commenting below, on Instagram (tag @workshopmuse) or on your own.

If you have a camera on your phone or the like- great! If not you can find an image online.

I want to encourage you to notice your environment in a new way. To stop and observe what's around you and see how it relates to you and your inner knowing. How does it connect to or represent what you are feeling and experiencing? Taking photos of things in our homes and backyards (things right under our noses) is a way for us to connect with the present moment while also expressing ourselves through the language of images and symbols. Pay attention to colour, angle, perspective as well as the what you are taking a picture of. Perfection not needed we want to see the rough unpolished moments that speak to you.... Share below and maybe tell us in a few lines how the image relates.