Stay In The Know:

Map Your Feelings

Have you ever thought about your feelings as another sense?

Our awareness and ability to use our feelings to navigate the world is essentially our sixth sense. It is incredibly fundamental to our experience of being human. If we can’t listen to, understand, or process them life becomes challenging meaning that we require more support and accommodation to live with peace. It’s never too late to learn how to use this sense with grace and intention and see how it can enrich our lives. 

Today I want to invite you to make a map or sketch of your feelings as a beginning step to contemplating how we make sense of and interpret our them.

Do this, next time something big bubbles up for you take a moment to think about these 3 questions.

  1. Where in my BODY am I experiencing this?

  2. What ACTIONS do I want to take in response to this?

  3. What THOUGHTS, stories or words are running through my head?