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Knowing Through Art

All I needed was a little blob of clay, a sewing pin, some string, a black marker and poof it was magic! I had been feeling a block in my life and couldn’t quite figure out how to unknot it so I did what I know best, I used my creative expression to help me figure it out. This is what I know, creative expression is more than just making beautiful things, it is a way of knowing and finding insight. Our creativity is a portal to the unspoken within us waiting to be known.

I hesitate to use the word magic because that assumes it’s not real but it really is- it just feels like magic that has sweeping and practical applications in my life. I was preparing for a group session exploring the topic of “Navigating Threats & Barriers in life and Art” for folks in the Inspiration Library and decided to walk myself through the process to see what I could discover about my own blocks. I began with a question and then I followed my impulse to create. I smooshed clay together grabbed a sewing pin and some leftover thread. I created a scene of my block and began to tinker moving the process forward with creative writing, eventually I found myself making a rhythmic expressive movement integrating my arms and chest.

In just 15 minutes of intentional creation I found myself with an insight so real and powerful all boiled down to one simple movement. Aha! Eureka and a lightbulb all wrapped up in one movement.

The creation itself is odd I know, nothing really worth sharing but that’s not what it was intended for.

This experience was magic. Profound in many ways. A reminder of how simple and powerful the tools of creative expression can be in my life. I felt like I struck such insight into something that was causing me suffering.

I am thankful I have training and experience that allows me to facilitate this in my own life but I know and believe that all of us have this capacity if we desire to cultivate it.

I believe that we can learn and turn towards our creativity with questions and discover insights about ourselves that words and thinking often struggle to express.

This is what I call creative knowing. It’s what is at the core of all my work and has fuelled me in life and learning.

Hard to explain but it’s easy to experience.

Sending you all my best today,



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