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For the mothers, aunties, grandmothers

My latest embroidery work in progress.... Lately, I spend my days outside on my balcony with a sleeping/nursing baby on my lap watching my toddler bumble around and play while I slowly add to this hoop. I often think about the countless hours that women from all around the world and through time have spent with a piece of textile, beading, or stitching in their lap as they tend to the needs of their families.

The domestic sphere doesn't really allow for full on immersive creation but rather mediums that can be like secret little lovers that you sneak off to in a rare quiet moment. As I work on it I am thinking about all the women who created this way and followed their desire to make, learn, and shape their world with their creative voice often with little support, recognition, time or resources. Love to all you moms, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas who create on the side and follow their inspirations while they raise our precious little ones.

I started this piece shortly before my baby was born. I had no plan, no vision, no expectations. I just knew that stitching slowed me down and made me feel calm. I have been slowly adding to it just playing with shape, line and colour. I am just trusting the process and letting it tell me the way...

-Linen, thread, paint, paper, beads, lace-


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