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Creative Morning Routines

When we are struggling to be creative, lacking time, energy, or even will, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is a creative morning routine. The routine becomes a structure, a safe place we step into where we don’t have to think, decide, or really do anything at all if we don’t want to. We choose the parameters and then let the walls we create nourish us towards our creative intentions. You may feel that you are already happy to continue creating the way you have been, or that this would never work for you, and of course you might be right… But as Tolstoy says “true life is lived when tiny changes occur” and so it may be time to reconsider or tweak the old in service of living a true life.

Designing your own creative morning routine is a transformational act of intention that has the potential to keep you creating and exploring the sacred in your life.

Imagine devoting 1 hour each morning to your creative expression for just 6 weeks?

What would be different for you?

What might you discover about yourself in this time?

A creative morning routine is a sacred time and space that happens before anything else in your day and it ensures that your creative expression (and by extension you!) stays top priority. You sneak away from sleeping

children, pressing work deadlines, dependant family for just a while so that afterwards you are at your best. The ritual of creating during the same time and in the same space each day, helps cultivate a habit that conditions you to be ready to create daily. Doesn’t that sound powerful?