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Beyond Anger is a Field of Sadness Where Strange and Beautiful Things Can Grow

My own creative process is forever reminding me of the depth of healing and reflection that happen when I jump into art. I created this piece asI meditated on the notion of micro... I explored a microcosm of some big emotions I was stuck in.

This piece was created as I was going through a personal situation where I found myself moving constantly between anger and sadness from moment to moment. I began to reflect on how interconnected those two emotions are and how we have to embrace and spend time moving through our anger in order to feel sadness.

The red thread represents anger and the black is sadness. They are displayed as numbers on a clock showing how I experienced a shift between each emotion from moment to moment.

The strange flower in the centre represents the potential for growth and healing that can come when we allow ourselves to move through sadness and anger. In the background, the markings tell the story about my tenuous experience with sadness and anger over the years. A black thread binds the piece together showing the tension and interconnection of negativity and healing.

-Cork, paper, thread, found shell, paint, marker-


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