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An Exercise in Trust

I have been thinking about trust lately and playing around with it in my art…

I have been noticing all the ways that I experience trust. It really is one of the most indescribable feelings, or rather senses, that we have. As I experience trust I have been trying to notice if there a part of myself that isn’t being used to experience it. It seems that my body, mind, feelings and spirit (really everything!) come together to create a knowing that I then label with this word trust, but it really is so much more than the word.

In this creative work we are often talk about “trusting the process” but for some of us trust isn’t something we have experienced much. We don’t know what it’s like to ride the waves in life or art without being terrified. While for others we may trust others but not ourselves. Whether or not we experience trust honing our ability to recognize it when it manifests within us is essential.

And so I wonder….

Do I trust that all the complexities in my life will work out, or unfold as they should?

Do I trust this person to care for me in relationship, work, or support?

Do I trust myself to make decisions and act in nourishing ways?

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could sharpen my sense of knowing trust through my creative process. I wanted to explore what it feels like when it’s there (or not) and to see in particular how I trust myself in the creative process.

I want to share this simple exercise with you today:

  1. Begin by preparing your supplies for three different expressions. For example, 3 pieces of paper for visual art or writing, 3 lumps of clay, 3 strands of string etc… whatever your medium is prepare yourself to make 3 different creations.

  2. Choose an object or inspiration. In my exercise I found some rose hips in the woods behind my house. You may choose a photo of something, a topic to explore, a texture etc. Just find one simple muse that you will revisit in each expression.

  3. Set a timer. Give yourself 10 minutes to welcome that object or inspiration into your first expression. Work really hard to try to give it the treatment that it deserves. When the timer goes off set your creation aside.

  4. Set your next timer for 2 minutes. Working much more quickly attempting again to welcome your object or inspiration into this quick expression. When the timer goes off set your creation to the side.

  5. Finally, set your timer for 1 minute. Attempt this final creation working even more quickly than before.

  6. Once you have completed all 3 creations place them together. Grab your journal or a trusted friend and write/talk through these questions:

  • What do you see when you look at the 3 creations together?

  • What was the process was like from beginning to end?

  • How did trust manifest in each one of your creations (if at all)?

  • What were you relying on to get you through each process? Your skills, a deeper sense of experience, your impulses?

  • What is the greater meaning, insight, or takeaway that this creative process has brought you?

I am sharing the answers to this question and my own process over here on Instagram.

Comment on the post and let me know what you experienced or what stands out for you from my process!!!


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