Stay In The Know:

An Exercise in Trust

I have been thinking about trust lately and playing around with it in my art…

I have been noticing all the ways that I experience trust. It really is one of the most indescribable feelings, or rather senses, that we have. As I experience trust I have been trying to notice if there a part of myself that isn’t being used to experience it. It seems that my body, mind, feelings and spirit (really everything!) come together to create a knowing that I then label with this word trust, but it really is so much more than the word.

In this creative work we are often talk about “trusting the process” but for some of us trust isn’t something we have experienced much. We don’t know what it’s like to ride the waves in life or art without being terrified. While for others we may trust others but not ourselves. Whether or not we experience trust honing our ability to recognize it when it manifests within us is essential.

And so I wonder….

Do I trust that all the complexities in my life will work out, or unfold as they should?

Do I trust this person to care for me in relationship, work, or support?

Do I trust myself to make decisions and act in nourishing ways?

I thought it would be interesting to see if I could sharpen my sense of knowing trust through my creative process. I wanted to explore what it feels like when it’s there (or not) and to see in particular how I trust myself in the creative process.

I want to share this simple exercise with you today: