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Again and Again and Again

The more I create the more I realize that the process reveals so much to me about myself and the world. This is inherent to my process, I can't create without seeing myself in the piece without extracting broader meaning. My creations aren't examples of great technical skill or the most liked on Instagram, but they are personal to me and invaluable in the lessons the process reveals to me. Here is the story behind my latest creation.... Again and again and again

I gave myself permission to play creating through mark making and covering the canvas with paints and paper all while deciding to start over again and again until I felt resolve. Underneath the top layer other stories are buried. Colorful, sad, playful, messy, and moments of haste all layered one on top of one another a scaffolding of experience leading me to this moment, this juncture, in the life of a painting.

Can we overwork a piece? Or is it all just part of the process? As each layer was built one on top of another I was reminded that this is how we live. We try again and again and again. We never fully wash ourselves clean of past experiences but rather they become the fertile soil for new growth. Each frame, each blossom, each day, we keep going again and again and again.

-Mixed Media, Fabric, and Lace on Canvas-


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