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8 Practical Tips for Creating with Intention

We are continuing on with our exploration today with something a bit different, a few practical nuts and bolts.

Creating can be so simple and fulfilling (really if can!) It can be both a magical place to be whisked away to, and also a tool to help you make sense of the world... but only if we approach it with a supportive mindset.

That's what we have been building and challenging together over the past few weeks- our mindset! We have been creating a paradigm, adjusting how our eyes approach or creative practice, so that we can move away from being stuck and into a place of expression.

My belief is that the practical things I am offering here today and next week, will only serve you if you have cultivated a nourishing mindset about your creative practice. So, if you are just catching up you can check out the previous lessons here.

I like to think of this new paradigm about creativity like the ocean. For so many of us we feel a deep love, connection, and even a calling to the water. But what we find is that when we finally get there, when we dip our toe in its cold and harsh- not like we imagined it would be. When we jump in (if we haven't prepared ourselves) the waves can sweep us away, scare us, even harm us. The magic of the ocean is all there waiting for us, but it requires us to meet it with respect, presence, and a deep listening so we can attune to its power. This is what our creative practice requires of us as well.

Think of the tips and skills I am offering you today and next week as tools to support you as you wade into and make sense of this wild and alluring ocean of creativity.

If you have been with me so far in this journey, we have been attuning ourselves and listening to the power of our creative practice. Noticing our thoughts, choosing the ones most nourishing and challenging old stories so we can make space for new ones to emerge.

We have been employing lessons of mindfulness and making sense of it all through the expressive arts (both deep traditions full of wisdom and insight I have had the privilege of learning from!)

Today we are ready to get practical. If we have opened up space for our new story and continue to notice and choose our thoughts these strategies will help you to ride the waves of your creative practice.

So let’s jump in!

1. Just 5 Minutes

When you are toying with the idea of creating or trying to warm yourself up to it, it can sometimes feel big, scary, and overwhelming. Breaking it down and giving yourself permission to take it slow can be an incredibly powerful tool. Instead of planning to create for an hour, the afternoon, etc. Only plan to create for 5 minutes and mean it! Move into your process and if at the end of 5 minutes you want to stop then stop. Seriously. This technique allows you permission to move just a tiny bit, not feel the need to break off the whole thing at once. It’s a way for our minds to feel that things are manageable. Permission to create for only 5 minutes dulls our overwhelm and lets us move into a creative space with a sense of freedom. I use this strategy all the time (I shared a bit about my experience with it our introduction.) The truth is that most of the time I create much longer than 5 minutes, you likely will too. But giving yourself permission to take it slow and only take a tiny bite, helps to get the ball rolling when it otherwise would be stuck.