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Meditations on Godzilla

Creativity needs safety as much as it needs inspiration. I am fragile, I can't jump into the deep end... yet.

So I start slow and safe I invest myself in a project for my kids. A familiar place to be for the mothers of the world. I choose their interest as my muse. An idol, a force to be sure, the fodder of my young boys minds- Godzilla.

This project isn't mine, it's their's so I have permission to play.

This comes as a relief from the self important stakes I usually set for myself in my creative pursuits.

No one to impress but my adoring children. No risks to manage, no timeline. A selfless creation to decorate their room.

I start with an idea, immerse myself in the imagery of Godzilla. Slowly a sketch begins to emerge and then the leap to fabric, thread, and the most important commodity-time.

One string, one stitch at a time Godzilla emerges. Behind this is one continuous thread tracking my presence with this project.