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My Inner Compass

This is a photo of my son doing the very special thing he loves, dumping out ALL of his Lego so that he can see it all, and play with the lost neglected pieces. He only gets to do this on special occasions because it overwhelms me. I see it all and I can't even focus, I don't have an inner compass that can help me to navigate the chaos. For him, he sees nothing but infinite ideas. The chaos is fuel for his imagination. He hasn't lost his inner compass that tells him what he wants, needs, thinks, feels and believes. I am envious. I am lost in a world of experts, right and wrong answers, endless advice, judgements and questioning. My little Lego building compass I call instinct and intuition has been eroded. For me the arts have been the only thing that can put me back in touch with this. Every time I ask myself what colour, tone, move or word feels right I can feel it get stronger. When people ask me why I am working in the arts, this is why. They connect us to ourselves and bring wisdom that experts only wish they could package up and sell.

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