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A four part experiential online course for creative souls looking to reinvigorate both their lives and creative practices.

Explore your creative blocks,

learn new tools for finding inspiration, and reflect and express more deeply through your own unique creative voice. 

This course explores why you create, how you relate to your inner critic, and what to do in times when you feel uninspired. Leave with a clear plan for creating in a nourishing way! 

New Options To Join

Watch Video for More Info!

Creativity Uncaged includes 4 different 30 minute video lessons, handouts, creative prompts,  along with a creative exercise to complete in your chosen medium. You can then share your process and insights in a community or directly with Rachel!

After the live run you can continue accessing videos and tools as long as you like!

This course is for you if you:

  • Believe you may benefit from having a supportive community to be accountable too. 

  • Crave the opportunity to reflect and connect with your creative practice more deeply. 

  • Can commit 1.5 hours a week for a month to your creative practice. 

  • Want to kickstart your creative energy with new tools and inspiration. 

  • Are looking for something that goes beyond the normal art tutorial and lesson. 

  • Have a desire to devote more of yourself to a creative practice 

  • Are willing to lean into exploring yourself and your creative soul. 


What creative mediums will work for this course? 

  • Any! This course is meant for you to adapt and take the lead in your own creative practice. Whether it's art journaling, textiles, pottery, creative writing or music, the tools you will learn here will apply. You can chose what and how you would like to create each week. 


What do you mean "go deeper" with your art" 

  • The approach at the core of this course is a fusion of creative mindfulness and the expressive arts. Both of these encourage us to bring emotions, thoughts, and presence into our creative practice. This approach invites all of ourselves to show up and be expressed through our creative voices. We will embrace the creative process as a way to learn more about ourselves. This is about more than making pretty things it's about making as a way of honouring our full selves ! 

How will the lessons be given? 

  • Each week you will receive an email with a link to a 30 minute video along with written instructions. You will then work on a short creative project each week to explore the lesson which can then be shared. This is not a passive course! It is designed to keep you engaged and showing up to your creative practice each week. Rachel will be present available and ready to answer, questions offer support and witness your creative growth. 

What if I can't commit to every week for the month?

  • No problem! Some people choose to work faster or slower and sometimes life gets in the way. Ideally you will stay on track creating and doing the lessons each week but if not thats ok. You take as much time as you need the lessons and the group will be there for you as you need. There are also a number of self paced options available! 

Why do I have to apply? 

  • Before you sign up I just want to make sure that this course is a good fit for you! The short application process will also help me to customize and make sure I tailor it to your needs. Again this is an interactive course with a community of support along with it so this is the first step both of us being thoughtful about how we approach it. Space is limited!