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Please enjoy this free lesson "Colour Your Emotions"
Part of the series Create Yourself- 6 months, 6 activities, a New Way to be!

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Create Yourself is a video series helping to connect you more deeply to yourself through the arts. There are 6 courses in this series:

Doodle for Self Care

Find Your True Nature

Feeling Whole

Express Your Inner Wisdom

Colour Your Emotions

Creating Confidence 

Colour Your Emotions

Use shape, line, colour, and poetic voice to explore your feelings and emotions. This exercise will help you to see how the emotions in our bodies play out in our minds eye. Through this process we will cultivate more awareness of how feelings and emotions impact us day to day. Watch the full video lesson below, download the handout, and don't forget to share your results in the forum or tag it with #workshopmuse on Instagram!

Colour Your Emotions.png

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