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When I am Stuck...

Dear Rachel,

Every good decision I have ever made has resulted from me putting everything on the table. Placing each taboo, can't, never, shouldn't and barrier out and laid bare to be examined. Perhaps it's a human thing to negotiate what can and can't be, to learn from past experience and attempt to avoid pitfalls and heartaches again.

The tension between the ways things are and the way things can be is where real living happens. The hardest part is to first name and pull together each one of those Truths. "I could never go back to school it won't work with my family." Leaving my job will result in financial collapse" "if I ever said that out loud no one would love me." "I am too old, to fat, to ugly, to scared...." I will let you fill in your own blanks here.

Each of these little boxes helps us have order and structure and safety yes but it also may be just what's holding us back. When I engage my imagination and in playing devils advocate to "truths. " Suddenly solutions emerge.

What if everything could actually be on the table? What if everything could be negotiated and it wasn't fixed. The ingredients are imagination and trust. First I have to allow myself to see things in new and magical ways. Then I need to trust that this isn't silly but that maybe just maybe their is a seed of something real and helpful there. Remember when you are stuck lay everything on the table, imagine if it could all shift and change and then trust that their is a seed of truth there.

Love Rachel

-Wire and Paper, Sculpture-


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