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Art Journaling & Creative Mindfulness BUNDLE (4 Classes)

Art Journaling & Creative Mindfulness BUNDLE (4 Classes)


Purchase all 4 of the Art Journaling & Creative Mindfulness classes (Inside Out, Shift Your Perspective, Marks of the Body, Create a Connection). Each course offeres a 20 minute Creative Mindfulness exercise. In this series you will explore your body, varied perspectives through sketching, symbolic objects all using meditation and art making.  


Join me in a series of art journaling activities exploring creative mindfulness! Learn a new way to engage in creativity and get inspired in your art journal with a new activity, while building your skills in creative mindfulness.

  • Each video in the series is around 35 minutes long and includes a brief introduction, discussion of supplies, a full walk through of the process, ideas for how you can deepen, as well as a time lapse of my own process and discussion of my own insights revealed in the process.   

  • No fancy or expensive art supplies required! Each video will start with a simple supply list.

  • The videos can be watched again and again. Each time you engage in the process a new creation will emerge producing something unique.

  • I also offer a series of follow up ideas and resources at the end to help you figure out what to do next if you would like to “deepen the process” and take your creation even further.

  • You will have access to an online community to share your creative journey with others and get further inspired.

  • After each process, I have included an example of me going through the same process and sharing with you my insights and process so you can see a real-life example in practice.

  • Perhaps most uniquely, you will have direct access to me for additional support! I want you to be successful so my door is open for you to reach out and get more support.


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