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You are Invited: Holiday/Winter Postcard Swap

I would be beyond thrilled if you would consider joining the first ever "Holiday Postcard Swap" for the Inspiration Library! Together we will make small postcards or cards that feature imagery, colours, textures and simple words that are meaningful to YOU this time of year. I will walk you through a simple process to help you reflect on what you love most about this time of year and help you create a plan for how to translate that into simple cards. We will aim to create a series of cards. The process will be a relaxed creative space where we can chat, play, experiment and connect with one another!

You will then be invited to share your mailing address and mail a few of these cards to fellow creative souls (you are also welcome to make more to share with your own family/friends!) Think of it as an artists trading card/snail mail throw back, a chance to brighten someones day and share your creative spirit with others this season. Community, connection, creativity and joy!

I will host 3 different 1.5 hour sessions. You are encouraged to attend as many of these sessions as you can and use them as the time and space to make your cards and connect with other community members. But we of course welcome anytime that you can come! In each session you will have a chance to learn the process and/or also continue working on your cards. Flexible and open will be the vibe!

If you would like to join in on the fun:

Become a member of the Inspiration Library and create alongside me weekly in a variety of live classes while accessing a huge back catalogue of courses.

You can join for $20 CDN a month (approximately $15 USD) use the code Fall at checkout. Cancel any time without penalty. This gives you access not only to the holiday card swap, but the live Book Club and Reflective Open Studio courses but as well as hundreds of hours of past courses, and a free e-book!

There are also options to purchase one time passes for 4 or 6 months.

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