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Open Call- How I Create Stillness...

In celebration of the March 7th release of the book “Creating Stillness: Mindful Art Stories & Practices for Anxiety, Stress & Fear” you are invited to reflect on and express how you create stillness in your own life!

Perhaps you create moments of stillness when you paint, knit, or take a slow walk-in nature. Maybe stillness comes to you when you feel connected and present early in the morning or as you stir a bubbling pot on the stove. Whether you find stillness through engaging in a creative act, or you find that your creative act helps you make sense of that quiet inner space—anyone at any time can create stillness in their lives.

  • We want to see your images, creations, and projects.

  • We want to learn about your meaningful symbols, read your stories and poems, or watch your short films that capture ‘how you create stillness’ in your life.

  • All expressive mediums are welcome and varied interpretations of stillness are encouraged!

This is not a traditional call for artists, there is no competition or prize for those most “skilled” but rather a call for you to creatively express and share the results of your process and take part in a collective expression of the many ways that stillness can be made.

ALL submissions will be included in a digital gallery showcasing the diversity and depth of how we can all create stillness in our lives. At random 3 participants will be awarded a prize.

Prize #1:

· A one-year membership to the Inspiration Library ($480 value.)

· A personalized signed copy of Creating Stillness

Prize #2:

· Two one on one coaching sessions with Rachel Rose ($200 value.)

· A personalized signed copy of Creating Stillness

Prize #3

· Creative Sampler Bundle of 3 video classes ($35 value.)

· A personalized signed copy of Creating Stillness

To submit your creation:

  • Submit 1 image or file of your creation here

  • A title for your creation and/or a 1-2 supporting sentences offering context or meaning for the audience.

  • Submissions welcome until midnight Sunday February 19th, 2023.


Can you provide examples of what a submission might look like?

Each definition of stillness and each creation will be different. Each person’s use of shape, line, color, space, words etc. will come together in a unique way to capture their sentiment. However, some examples of what this may look like may be:

- A photo of a painting, craft project etc. where you experienced stillness or that you feel evokes a feeling of stillness.

- An artful photo that captured a time and space where you found stillness.

- A short poem or story that explores stillness.

- A short video clip of nature or movement that evokes presence.

- A photograph of an object or symbol of stillness.

Can I submit multiple times?

To ensure that a variety of creations are seen we ask that each person submit no more than 2 creations each.

Where do I submit?

Please follow this link here and submit via google docs.

What information of mine will be publicly available?

You can choose what information you would like to have included with your submission. You may also provide a link to one of your social media handles if you like, as well as decide how your name will be shown (i.e., just first name, pseudonym etc.) Take careful note when filling out the google doc to submit your creation to ensure your details show up as desired.

Can I remain anonymous when I share my creation?

Yes! If you would not like to have your name and identifying information shared please list your name as ‘anonymous.’ You will still be asked to include your email address for the purposes of the prize draw.

Where will my creation be shown?

A digital gallery will be made on the Workshop Muse website, various submission may be highlighted on the Workshop Muse Instagram & Facebook pages with full credit given to the creators. Selections may also be shown at in person events always in the context of the original project with credit given as a chance to show and share about the various ways that people create stillness. Your creation will never be shared outside of the context of this project or without credit.

How can I get/learn more about the book?

“Creating Stillness: Mindful Art Stories & Practices for Anxiety, Stress & Fear” is now available as a pre order in print, e-book, and audio book formats here.

After March 7th it will be widely available at various book retailers and online.


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